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Photocatalysts have a variety of beneficial effects that improve the sanitary environment of buildings and other objects around us. The catalytic material itself is long lasting and durable, so the effect can be ongoing if it is exposed to light.


Photocatalysts produce a powerful decomposition power on their surface by reacting to sunlight or indoor lighting. When exposed to light, they decomposes various harmful substances, odors and stains, and continues to create a comfortable environment repeatedly.

  • Safe and Harmless Water-soluble Coating Agent
  • We use environmentally friendly coating agents that are completely harmless to humans and animals, and are not dangerous or flammable. Toxicity tests have proven that it is harmless to humans and animals.

  • Superior Antibacterial Effects
  • It kills bacteria and viruses that cause food poisoning, such as E. coli (O157), Staphylococcus aureus, and avian influenza, and even decomposes the dead bodies of bacteria (verotoxin) to render them harmless.

  • Strong Anti-mold Effects
  • The anatase concentration is increased and a special fungicide is hybridized. Therefore, it has a strong and lasting mold inhibitory effect, and can be applied directly over mold and moss to remove them.

  • Excellent Deodorizing Effects
  • There are various odors in our living environment, which are also organic substances. Each odor has a source, which can accumulate and become an unpleasant smell. Arzion Coat continues to absorb and decompose odors, thus inhibiting the accumulation of odors.

  • Decomposes Hazardous VOC Gases
  • Decomposes and removes toxic chemical gass that cause sick building syndrome.

  • Powerful Decomposition Effects
  • In our experiments, when organic red ink was applied and irradiated with UV light for 15 minutes, it was completely decomposed and the red color almost disappeared.

  • Coating Film Lasting Durability
  • The coating film dries in about two hours and continues to harden, stabilizing at a pencil hardness of 4H to 5H after a few weeks, demonstrating the long-term effects of a strong film that can withstand harsh environments.
    *Durability varies depending on temperature and humidity.



    Bringing Photocatalytic Technology to the world from Japan and the Philippines.

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    Effect on the New Coronavirus(COVID-19)

    In a press release by the Nara Medical University on September 29, 2020, it was announced that Visible Light Responsive Photocatalysts had demonstrated viral inactivation of the new coronavirus.

    This light-responsive property allows the photocatalyst to have a continuous antiviral effect on droplet transmission and human contact environments.

    After the coating application, we will measure and confirm that the bacteria count has decreased and issue a certificate and sticker as proof that the coating procedure has been successfully completed.

  • Effectiveness will vary depending on the type of odor, bacteria, virus, surface material of treated item, and immediate environment factors, such as brightness.
  • If you do not wish to have your furniture and equipment coated, please contact us.
  • If there are any items that you do not wish to have coated, please consult with the salesperson in advance.
  • For more information about maintenance and inspection, please contact our sales staff.